While walking our dogs today I noticed something peculiar about a water access valve on the sidewalk. Can you see it?

That’s right. Upon closer inspection it appeared a frog was trying to make an escape from his cylindrical prison.

His name was Frank, and Frank was very much alive. So I set to the task of freeing Frank. The first step was to try and get a whole picture of the proverbial iceberg.

Houston, we have a problem.

Turns out Frank wasn’t missing any meals down there. There was absolutely no way Frank was coming out head-first. The only option was to try and push his head back through the same way he came through. There was a serious problem though…

It turns out frogs have these large arrow-shaped heads. Essentially what had taken place was Frank likely jumped at the hole with enough force to get his head through (and likely fracturing it in the process) but then it expanded essentially latching Frank in place. Sort of like how a harpoon works.

I tried for several minutes to gently work Frank’s head back through the hole:

But it was no use. As I mentioned above, I think Frank fractured his skull on impact when he tried to jump through initially, so even slight adjustments were causing him to bleed. It was then that Frank gave me the look:

I knew what I had to do, but I couldn’t…. Frank and I were homies. We were going to get through this. “Frank, I can’t…..” I said.


However, Frank showed resolve in his final moments:

I didn’t want to do it, but I knew the crueler path was to leave Frank out there, stuck and in pain, only to be stepped on or ripped apart by another animal, or worse, starve to death or die of heat stroke. I had to end his suffering.

🙏 RIP Frank the Frog 2020-2020 👼