I was recently in Chicago for work then met up with my wife & family in Maine. I didn’t get out much in Chicago, I was pretty busy with work – but when I did get out, here are the pictures I snapped:

Left side view of downtown Chicago from the hotel, Lake Michigan in the back
Right side view of downtown Chicago from the hotel
View of the Chicago skyline from a friend’s house that I met up with for lunch
Dearborn Station in Downtown Chicago
The Chicago Tribune was right behind the place I rented a U-Haul from 😄
Hotel Lounge
Dearborn St. Downtown Chicago
Chicago Stock Exchange & CoreSite data center
CoreSite Data Center
“Epic Burger” in Downtown Chicago. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had.
Civil unrest and covid-19 had a lot of the city closed down and/or boarded off
Breakfast @ Meli Cafe

That was pretty much it for Chicago. Also have a few pictures from Maine. It was an amazing time of year to visit as the leaves were changing over and the weather wasn’t cold yet.

The leaves were beautiful
The dock
Walks through the woods
Fishing on a paddle boat with my trusty companion 🐕
Out on the boat
Caught a bunch of Pickrel and Yellow Perch
Walks through the woods
Bar Harbor, Maine