Day 38 of 100

Date: 02/09/2019
Day: 38 of 100
Weight: 249.9
Miles: 3.49
Total Time: 33’33”
Avg Pace: 9’36″/mi

I’ve read that lots of marathon runners choose to eat pizza before a race. This is like the third time since starting this that I’ve eaten pizza before running and I’m starting to see why.

The last thing you feel like doing when you’re full of pizza is going for a run, but once you start and get past that first mile you feel like you can go forever. I was going to do six but at around 3.3 I started getting chased by a pit bull and I had one of my dogs with me so I high tailed it home.

My plan is to take it easy tomorrow and go for broke on Monday. I’m going to see how I feel that day but I’m thinking about running 10 miles or a half marathon at 13.1 miles. We’ll see. I should get more pizza…

Total Miles: 90.22 in 38 days.

See how this whole thing got started here.

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