Date: 01/11/2019
Day: 9 of 100
Weight: 253.0
Miles: 2.00
Total Time: 20:29
Avg Pace: 10’13″/mi

I woke up this morning, well, not so much woke up as never having slept sick as hell. I felt so bad that I thought about calling off work and sleeping all day. Then I thought about the project I volunteered for at work and my run. I also didn’t want to balk on my commitment to my teammates or my commitment to myself. So, I got up – made my early morning meeting and worked through to lunch.

At lunch I set out to do three but after losing a minute and a half in mile two I stopped and walked two more. It’s already not a good idea to run while sick, so I thought it best to not push it with how bad I was feeling after two.

Still, I did it. Those moments that feel the worst when you’re in it always feel the best when they’re over. Day 9 down. 

Total Miles: 20.11 in 9 days.

See how this whole thing got started here.