Date: 03/02/2019
Day: 58 of 100
Weight: 246.8
Miles: 3.10
Total Time: 30’00”
Avg Pace: 9’40″/mi

The weather has been grey and gloomy lately (which I actually like) and also happens to be perfect weather for running. I ran a pretty standard 5K today, cruising along all the while. I was pretty pumped at the end of it to find out that I had run at exactly a 9’40” pace meaning that the total time run was exactly 30 minutes!

I started my 10th book of the year today as well! If there’s one thing this running challenge has done it’s provided dedicated time to listen to books on audio. I listen during every run 😄

Total Miles: 151.45 in 58 days.

See how this whole thing got started here.