Date: 01/05/2019
Day: 3 of 100
Weight: 258.6
Miles: 2.00
Total Time: 19:46
Avg Pace: 9’52″/mi

No dogs today. I broke the 10 min mark as I ran just under a 10 min mile pace. My split was good too, I cut 15 seconds off the second mile. I’m starting to wake up a bit sore but I’m pretty happy about that, especially because I’ve been sleeping like a baby – something I never do.

I feel like sub 10s aren’t that fast but hell, how many 250lb+ people can get out there and run 2 miles under 20 mins in three days? Still feeling pretty good. It’s going to turn into a grind soon. I’ve been thinking about how to handle my first rest day – should I slowly jog it or just walk a bunch of miles?

Total Miles: 6.05

See how this whole thing got started here.