Date: 01/06/2019
Day: 4 of 100
Weight: 254.0
Miles: 2.00
Total Time: 19:22
Avg Pace: 9’40″/mi

I ‘m getting faster. I took the dogs again today and even with them pulling off occasionally and heeding to nature’s call I still ran sub 10s again. My second mile split was 32 seconds faster than mile one.

It doesn’t seem like the progress should be coming this quickly. I’m only four days in. I’m not a runner, but starting day one running at a 10’37” pace then running at a 9’40” pace four days later (almost a minute faster on the pace) feels akin to bench pressing a 185lb Max day one and then hitting 225 day 4. It feels like a ridiculous gain. Maybe it was the pizza I ate last night?

I assume there’s going to be a plateau or regression somewhere. This amount of improvement shouldn’t come this quickly and I’m worried if it will have effects later in training. Should I be more cognizant of my pace? Should I slow it down? It’s day 4 of 100 ffs.

Perhaps I should concentrate on running more miles slower. Input from more experienced runners is welcome.

Total Miles: 8.05 in 4 days.

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