Date: 01/04/2019
Day: 2 of 100
Weight: 260.4
Miles: 2.02
Total Time: 21:46
Avg Pace: 10’44″/mi

A smidge slower today. I took the dogs with me and when they stop to sniff around or inevitably do their business that takes a bit of time as well. I actually feel like I was faster today, especially at the start as my dogs burst with energy whenever we start a walk or run, pulling me along. I assume nature’s call just evens it all out.

Pretty much the same story today, ran 2 – walked 2. I’m okay with fluctuating a bit with weight (I woke up 3 pounds heavier today) and times at the start of this whole thing. I feel like you have to treat these things like investments. Markets fluctuate, but we’re looking at long term growth. Eye on the prize. I’m 2% done, son.

Total Miles: 4.05