Date: 01/30/2019
Day: 28 of 100
Weight: 252.8
Miles: 6.04
Total Time: 1’15’13”
Avg Pace: 12’26″/mi

I told Kristen I was going to run six. “Six?” She replied, a bit surprised. That’s all I needed to hear. Since beginning this 100 days of running challenge almost a month ago now, my intention has been clear: this is a test of will, nothing more. In fact, training in the method I am has almost nothing to do with physical ability. I said I was going to do six, so I ran six.

I don’t stop when I’m tired. I stop when I’m done.

– David Goggins

As I mentioned previously I’ve started to work on training my heart rate, rarely going above 140 today. This causes for slow miles. I know people who could probably walk a 12 minute mile, but it’s all apart of the plan. After I got done running my 10K today I felt like I could have run 6 more absolutely fine, I was barely winded. I monitored my heart rate and breathing pattern the whole time.

The goal, if all goes to plan. Is to go backwards before going forwards again. I’m going to continue to run at a 140 heart rate, experimenting occasionally with a 150 and see if I can condition myself to move faster without exerting more energy.

This is a test of will, but every day I get better at this I get nervous; my ego keeps trying to come out and play. This is about finishing the 100 days, first and foremost. I’ve also ordered some new shoes, my Brooks are on their last leg 😂.

Total Miles: 65.63 in 28 days.

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