Howdy everyone!

After working on Draw! for a couple of months, then reaching the logical end of the purpose of making it (ship something using C and raylib) I have decided after publishing the game on the web last week, to open source the code on GitHub under the very permissive MIT License.

The code lives here:
You can play the game here:

The code has always been on GitHub, but has lived in a private repository which is now public. The code itself isn’t the finest example of best practices programming or game development programming, but there is a single dependency (raylib) and I can say with confidence that I wrote every line of the code from scratch. There are also some live videos out there for most of the development process.

I also wrote successful build scripts to four platforms: Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS, and Web (HTML5/WASM). It’s never code I’ll look back on and think is great, but it *is* code that I’m proud to have written. It also served its purpose: make a small game from scratch in C programming, and learn and use raylib.

Speaking of raylib, @raysan5 was just awarded an Epic Games MegaGrant:

I couldn’t be more happy for @raysan5 and his project. He is a great developer, nice person, and is totally deserving of this awesome recognition!

Back to the code. My hopes in making it open source is that folks learning C programming or raylib can have another source of reference for a working, published game. Perhaps someone will even fork the project and improve on it, isn’t open source amazing? 😁

What’s next for me? Well, I have a few things on my plate at the moment. There are some work projects that are taking up the bulk of my time, but in addition to that, I plan on participating in Miziziziz‘s 48 hour game jam in four days. I was thinking about using Godot for the first time in this jam to learn it, but I also might use C and Raylib 😁. The concept of these jams that Miziziziz does is pretty cool: multiple game developers use the same art kit and have 48 hours to create a game with it. Here’s an example:

Aside from that, I have been working to stay healthy and sane during these unprecedented times. Exercising a bit and trying to stay sharp and productive – I have also been playing a little bit of Starcraft2 and Hearthstone after a long, long break from gaming in general 😊.

After the game jam, I was thinking about starting my next big project/game to chip away at for a long time. I have some ideas, and I’m thinking about an RPG/Roguelike as the general idea, but hopefully completely different than anything anyone’s seen before. I have some ideas 🤠.