Today I touched up by adding SSL and forcing http redirects. I should have done this in the first place, seeing how easy SSL with Let’s Encrypt is but hey, it’s done now. I also put SSL on the other subdomain projects.

I also added a one rep max calculator which lives at (and is linked in the 5/3/1 program generator, see below:)


The purpose of the one rep max calculator is to help you find a 1 rep max if you aren’t looking to necessarily lift the absolute amount of weight that you absolutely can in a single rep. In a perfect world, you should always try.

Let’s say however that you generate a four-week program and on week 3 you miss your lift for 1+ reps in the last set (set 3). It will be tough to calculate an accurate four week program without a number, and it’s never a good idea to guess. Instead, you could lift a lower weight (not too much lower) for as many reps as you can using the 1 rep max calculator. This will allow you to use a decently estimated number for the next program generator.

In other news: and have SSL now too. One cool thing about that is you can play Lucy’s Adventure offline as a result (assuming you’ve already loaded the game) 😄