Date: 02/23/2019
Day: 51 of 100
Weight: 247.2
Miles: 13.11
Total Time: 2’29’50”
Avg Pace: 11’26″/mi

My First Half Marathon

Today Me, Kristen, and our two dogs set out to the local park with a half mile track where I ran 13.11 miles in just under 2 and a half hours. I’m so thankful that I had them as a little pit crew, and I have to once again give a nod to the pizza I very purposely ordered last night for this explicit purpose.

Aerobically I felt absolutely fine throughout each and every mile as I scored really nice splits ranging from 9’45” through about 11’50”. After about 8 miles my shins, knees, and hips were feeling it but running on the grass next to the track seemed to help a lot.

I stopped because I was done, but I felt like I could have definitely went further, and I’m looking forward to challenging myself at the end of the 100 days with a full 26.2 miles. I know what I need to be successful: my pit crew, and an extra large pizza!

Total Miles: 139.27 in 51 days.

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