Date(s): 03/09/2019, 3/10/2019, 3/11/2019
Day(s): 65, 66, 67 of 100
Weight: 244.2
Miles: 3.00
Total Time(s): 10’06”, 9’34”, 9’09”
Avg Pace: 10’06”, 9’34”, 9’09″/mi

I was out of town over the weekend but managed to make it to the gym to get my mile in each day 🙂

34 days left. I’m truly in the home stretch and it feels great. Looking to ramp up activity as I get closer to 100 days and the full marathon that’s going to come with it.

Total Miles: 164.28 in 67 days.

See how this whole thing got started here.