Day 71 of 100

Date: 03/15/2019
Day: 71 of 100
Weight: 249.2
Miles: 1.00
Total Time: 7’50”
Avg Pace: 7’49″/mi

Today on day 71 I ran my fastest time since beginning this 100 days of running and my fastest time in years.

Back on day 24 I mused on if a sub 8 was possible. Today, I found out. I’m no expert but dang, a mile in less than 8 minutes at 250 lbs seems awesome. I’m pretty proud of it. I’m running less distance these days because I’m lifting weights again (which is probably why I’m a bit heavier). I’m thankful to my past self for only setting a mile goal. As of right now, I still intend to run the full marathon at the end, so that’ll be fun.

Total Miles: 169.28 in 71 days.

See how this whole thing got started here.

One comment

  1. Your an inspiration Rudy. I’ve been following you since the beginning. It took me a few months to get going, but after you stuck with it, sick and healthy, I figured I could move my butt too….. I’m down 12# now, thanks to you. I’m going to keep going. Just wanted you to know, your the only one that got grandma off her duff… : )

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