Lucy’s Adventure call for testing!

I made a recent post about my progress working on this game.

If you’d like, you can play the work in progress 👉 here!

Feedback/comments/suggestions welcome 😄

I’m still working on the final art/sounds/music and adding more levels. I’ll have controller support in soon as well 🙂


  1. Hey so, I don’t know what kind of feedback you’re looking for or whether the second level is even really built yet or not but I ran into a couple of things on that second level.

    1. There is an invisible wall that you sporadically run into and can’t get off the first platform. See here:

    I wasn’t able to figure out the combination of factors that brought it about so you only catch glimpses of it in my video but it looks like I start to jump and turn around. I’m not turning around. I’m hitting a sort of invisible wall.

    2. I also got stuck in a cycle of dropping in, running backward into the spiky ball-ma-jig, dying, dropping in, running backward, and so on.

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    • Hey! Thanks so much. I’ll look into the wall thing, I think I remember something about if you’re holding a direction and press the other. It was supposed to be intended at first as a way to feather your jump but i’ll look into it.

      Regarding #2 – 😂 I can’t help but laugh at her giving herself up to the meat grinder. Not sure why this would happen though.

      Thanks again!

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