Day 21 of 100

Date: 01/23/2019
Day: 21 of 100
Weight: 254.4
Miles: 2.01
Total Time: 40:13
Avg Pace: 19’58″/mi

Nothing special about today. The image shows a run but it’s quite obviously a walk. I felt totally fine to run but thought it best to give my extremities (especially my knees) some active rest after my 5k yesterday.

Wondering what I should do on the next milestone. I think for day 50 a 10k might be right. Maybe I should just yolo swaggins it and go for 10 miles. The Austin marathon is towards the end of February… should I just run a half there?

My cardio feels great. I hope my knees make it 🤞🏼

Total Miles: 46.24 in 21 days.

See how this whole thing got started here.

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